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Drinking lemon with hos water is best treatment for many problems.  Hydration and toxin elimination are the most important advantages. Lemon has vitamin C, vitamin B, Magnesium, calcium, phosphate and iron. You should drink a glass of lemon water in empty stomach every morning. Then you can feel changes. 

What are the benefits of drinking lemon water?

It helps you to digestion. Lemon will stimulate the digestion. 

Lemon, honey and warm water combination is a better solution for weight reduction. 

Lemon will clean your skin and make it more shiny and clean.

It stimulates your immune system and destroys all bacteria in your mouth and stimulates saliva secretions of the mouth.

Lemon will maintain pH of the body and it is a good solution for bacteria growth. It gives you more energy with vitamins and proteins helps to cure throat infections. Lemon maintains your blood pressure and acts as diuretic. There for urinary tract clean by lemon. 


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