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Our skin exposed to negetive environmental factors every day.absorb pollution,dust,UV sunrays,chemicals and toxins to our body.

This is caused by aging look.Our skin regenerates during sleep.We can protect younger look of skin by following below instruction.

Remove make up

IF you sleep with make up,damage your skin.Before go to the bed clean your face and apply moisturizer.

Use the toner.

Clean your face with toner.Through this protect hydrate of skin.

Apply hand cream.

Before you go to bed ,clean your hands with mild shampoo and apply ideal cream.

Brush your teeth.

Through this prevent infections in mouth & cavities and bad breath in the morning.

Use eye cream.

Remove your eye make up & apply eye cream.You will protect younger look.

Pin up your hair.

Through this prevent pimples.

By using silk pillow cases & sheets you will get amino acid & natural protein.

Try to go to bed early.Get at least 7-8 hours of good night sleep.Don't take your phone to your bedroom.

You can follow this beauty habits.

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