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Dating with a young man has both good and bad.  You may be older than him for 2 or 3 years.

You cannot get rid of nature. Men get their se.. prime in 20s as action of testosterone hormone. But women take it 30s or 40s. so you can match that as you date with young man. Young boys have more stamina. As this matter you can stay in the bed with him for long time. 


Younger boys like to adventures. They don’t like to stay in the bed rooms. So they always plan to go for out. So you can go out for weekend, get some rest and get some funny trip with him. You should appreciate him as his creative ideas. 


He will more open heart with you. He is still reaching his mental maturity. If there will be a problem, you can solve it via discussion. 


Let him to be free. He likes to be with his friends and have some fun. But he doesn’t like to get pressure and all responsibilities. So be a good mom for him. Some time you have to act as a breadwinner of the family. No matter it if he will make a dinner for you. But some boys come close to you as financial benefits. So you have to be aware of this.


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