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Dr.Konstantin G. Korotkov who is russian scientist has started a experiment to see existing soul from death body. He photographs leaving the body of soul and quantified chakras. In the human culture some people trust about the leaving of soul . But some people do not trust that. We can not show that to your naked eyes but it is like to show you about existence of gravity.  Gravity can feel you but you can not see that. Likewise soul can feel you but you can not see that. 

There is a device called GVC which is based on chinese  system of energy merdians. This is measured the bio energy releasing of the body by non-invasive painless evalution. The device based on small current connected to the fingertips of the body and signals send via this and it takes  less than a millisecond.

From this device connected to the computer programmm system and that projects a body figure with chakra. Chakra is explained about each organ of the body and how much work we need to put into it.

This method has used more than 300 doctors to monitor stress and treat for cancer patients. Finally, they have decided that lot of diseases are connected to the emotional situation of the body.

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