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This oil will make your hair growth fast.just try. All are make jelous about your growing hair(they will ask your hair growing secret)


After read this article you can make an oil that make your hair fast growing.it is very simple.also ingredients are cheap and you can find from any market nearest you.




•coconut oil - 4 tsp

•olive oil - 2 tsp

•Armond oil - 1 tsp

•Essential oil - about 4 drops ( you can use any essential oil that you have in home)


How to make it:


It is simple. Just follow the steps


Take 4tsp of coconut oil.( i am told that i take the quantity for one use..according to your hair length you can change the quantity) Now add 2tsp of olive oil.Then also add pure armond oil to the mixture. Finally add essential oil about 4 drops. Then stove the mixture and heat it.

Now oil is ready.You can apply it and results will see within a short period.

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