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Reason for ending much marriage with divorce is infidelity and betrayal. This is only one story.

Her husband packed bags and tell her he will go to fishing with his best friend. However this friend was his lover also.

Before her husband went she called her lover and invite to home. Then they were in love from few hours.

After they relaxing on bed she received a call from her husband. She answered it and he said that he was get more fun with her friend from fishing.

Her lover here only one sight of this talk. So he asked who was called.

Then she said it's from my husband he said that he got more fun with you from fishing. Committing adultery always gets hurt for other.

Staying only one person.

There is not easy to heal heart after broken. If she and he decided to stay with their partners no one hurt.

If anyone has suspicion it couldn't remove from their heart. There are many things have to do build up trust.Marrieage counseling are very helpful for it.

After marriage partner hoping lot of thing from other one. Faithful is one of it. They Committing adultery is very painful for other one.

If their marriage ends with divorce they will never trust anyone again.

Many women feel that they will miss something after marrieage.If you feel like that discusses with your partner. It will help to solve your problems and they try to give that missing thing.

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