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4 table spoons for day. Cancer is gone.

Cancer is most priority disease that people died. Its mortality rate is very high. If cancer couldn't identify early stages can't cure it.There for we should protect ourselves.

If many test done for prevent cancers couldn't find good answer till today. However Russian professor had been use natural treatment and it had been success.

More scientists in all over the world agree with this solution. This professor said that, this treatment can cure not only cancers other diseases also.

This natural ingredients increase the strengthen of your heart and boost its functions, Clean blood vessels, improve immune system functions, clean liver and kidneys, boost remember and improve brain functions.

The most important thing is defeat cancer.


12 garlic cloves

15 lemons

fresh walnuts 400g 

sprouted green grams 400g

honey 1kg


Firstly you should prepare spouted green grams. Put it in water bawl whole night. Then drain wheat. Wash it in water and filter by gauze piece. Finally put it again a water bawl within 24 hours.

Then walnuts, garlic and spouted green gram grind well.5 lemon also grind and put to the blender. Other 10 lemon squeeze and put juice into mixture. Mix all well. Then add honey from wooden end of spoon.

Pour it in glass jar and put 3 days in fridge.


After 3 days you can use it.Get 1-2 tablespoons before meal and get same amount before 1/2 hour in go to bed. For cancer treatments use 1-2 tablespoons every couple of hours. It helps prevent numerous diseases.


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