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If your hand cold every time it can be a health risk

It is normal that cold your hands when cool climate but if every time your hand cold over than normal range it's serious health illness.

1.Poor circulation

The reason for that is some heart problem. Therefor narrowing blood vessels by cholesterol it can't give necessary amount of blood. There for it can happen.

2. Hypothyroidism

The regulate body temperature is one function of thyroid gland. Due to this organ dysfunction it can be obesity, fatigue, and cold hand.

3. Anemia

In that case oxygen supply is poor. There for can become cold hand, fatigue, paleness, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, and headache. The reason for that condition is blood loss, ulcers, iron deficiency, and some cancer conditions.

4. Deficiency of B12 

Due to this problem decrease production of red blood cells. This vitamin rich in red meat, process meat, milk and egg. The risk group of this condition is vegetarians.

5.Low blood pressure

Blood loss, endocrine dysfunction, dehydration, and some medications consider for that. Then blood circulates only vital organs. Therefor your hand becomes cold. Other symptoms of this condition are nausea, confusion, weakness and blurred vision

6.Raynaud’s Disease

Narrowing blood vessels that blood circulating in hands is this disease condition. Therefor hands become cold. And also fingers become white or blue color. Hand swelling and get pain. But this condition is not a hazard.

7.Autoimmune condition

In this case immune system attack own tissues. It's dangerous


In chronic stress release adrenalin. Therefor hand becomes cold.


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