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A tooth paste that leave dentists without work

A Japan researcher founded that toothpaste which fixes dental cavities and crackers by restoring enamel.

Therefor you don't want dentist no more because this paste made by similar liquid component in enamel.

Therefor you can easily apply it by toothbrush.

This paste made by crystalline calcium phosphate that main component in tooth.

After applying that it reacts with acidity of tooth surface and become crystalline within 3minutes.Then become like natural enamel.

This type will give comfort who don't like to drill sound. Now you shouldn't go to dentist.


What is the power of it?

There is not necessary to fill dental cavities with metal or amalgam because this is very strong paste.

Do you remember that how bad it's filing dental cavity with amalgam.

Now you shouldn't waste time or no any problem to your nerves.

But remember that. This is suitable only for small cavities.


Can we use this in home?

Being your own dentist is good idea no? But this new enamel has more acidity. Therefor it wants a professional applicant.

Researchers tell that acidity can damage your gums.


When you can buy it?

It will deliver in every dentist’s office by next year. Dentists can order it from Dr. Kazue Yamagishi’s website. 

If your dentist is happy to use the synthetic enamel, you can have your cavities fixed within 20 minutes. And you will be free of pain


Can you trust it?

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