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Philipin peoples like kangkong.IT's their favourit vegetable. Kangkong is vegetable that rich in essential nutrients.

But new studies found that kangkong is noxious weed. This detrimental to crops, natural habitats or ecosystem, humans and livestock.

Noxious weeds are usually introduced to an ecosystem by ignorance, mismanagement or accident.

They grow fast and multiply without any control. Indigestion these weeds give dangerous results.

When you'll cook kangkung you should be very careful. Because kangkong and water plants have parasites cysts. These cysts explore after digestion and parasite anchor in intestinal wall and drink blood.

There for you will become abdominal pain, indigestion and allergies.

Not well cooked kangkong can help to fatal. Their for cook kangkong well. Protection is better than sorry.



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