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This vegetable helps to solve every problem in your body.

Beet is a vegetable that prevent numerous diseases. It has deep red color get from powerful anti-cancer agent named anthocyanin.


It's best for heart

Anti-inflammatory agent named betaine in beet helps to let cardiovascular system healthy. And also it has vitamin B1, B2, B12 ,C , Magnesium, Potassium, phospures,Copper, Iodine and iron

Therefor it is good remedy for anemia.

Beet has anti toxin ability. And also cellulose and pectin help to digestion. Beet can prevent liver and fatty liver diseases.

Beet helps to increase performance and endurance of athletes.

Beet can stimulate blood flaw, regulate cholesterol and blood pressure and stimulate function of the liver.

And also it helps to delay aging and protecting blood vessels.

This vegetable can cook, drink as a juice and bake. But most delicious is raw beet. Don't throw beet leaves while cooking.

This leave has more potassium.(644mg per 1/2 of cup)

According to many studies they are found that take potassium rich foods and avoid sodium rich foods can prevent strokes.


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