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There are many people all in the world have suffering from acne. It can cause stress and hormonal changes. This condition common in teenagers but today it common in children’s.

Fortunately, you can make own remedy at your home to prevent it. And also you can remove black marks under the eye. Now we see how to prepare it.


Clean bowl and spoon

Almond oil

Some milk

Gram flour

Some turmeric powder


Put gram flour to bowl and add turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon and almond oil 1 spoon. Then mix it well.

Apply milk bit by bit to it. Don't apply all milk in one time it can over. Mix all milk soak it mixture and if it is dry apply milk and prepare as a paste.

Apply this after washing your face well. Apply middle thickness paste. Be careful don't go to nose or eyes because it can burn.

Don't forget to apply in neck. Put it within 20 minutes. Then it became hard and couldn't smile. then wash it within warm water.

This is use by Indian bright before their wedding. There are many qualities has in turmeric.

If you use that twice a weak you can prevent wrinkles and black spots.

Extra goodness.

One cup of warm milk

A little amount of turmeric powder

Apply some turmeric powder to your milk .It's not very delicious but very well. If you are pregnant ask your doctor.

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