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Stop hair loss and improve hair growth by baking soda.

This is multi-talented ingedient.It used to clean house and some medical treatments.

Have you ever thought about apply baking soda in your hair. It gives more benefits to hair. You can use baking soda as a shampoo.

Hair growth

1. Remove dirties

The heavy substances in shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray save in your scalp and give oily appearence.Baking soda will remove it.

2. Remove chlorine.

If you are a swimmer your hair can damage from chlorine. It can change your hair colourse.Baking soda can remove chlorine.

3.Improve hair growth

If adding chemicals in your hair can avoid your hair growth. Baking soda will clean it and also dirties in your hair and scalp. If you want to prepare shampoo in baking soda mix 1bakin soda with 3 water.

If you’re more hair should use more shampoo. Example: If you have shoulder long hair you should make 1 table spoon baking soda to 6 table spoon water mixture.

Then apply it deep of the scalp, put several minutes and wash out by warm water.

Wash your hair within warm water and apply apple vinegar 1to water 4 mixture. It also helps hair growth. Protect your eyes. Akin soda is cheapest substance.


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