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Use these 6 tips and lose your stomach fat just 10 days.

People wants better look. Special summer season. These methods will help to reduce stomach store fat.

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1.Reduce spicy foods.

Very spicy foods can increase acidity level in stomach and irritate it. If you want loss your weight reduce spicy foods.

2.Reduce salt

More salt intake reason for bloated stomach. That is not doubt about salt that's very useful for our body functions. But avoid more intakes.

You daily salt requirement is 1/2 teaspoon per day.

3.Avoid processed foods, sugar, coffee and alcohol

If you prevent these foods you can get good look within small days.

4. Reduce starch foods.

For this reduce pasta and bread. Add more protein foods for it.

5.Choose good fruits.

That is very important intake fruits but if you want to lose your weight you should avoid pears and apple like more fructose content foods.

This fruits trouble to digestion.

6.Reduce milk intake

If you want to lose weight avoids drinking milk. If not get 1/2 l of milk per day. Replace yoghurt.

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