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Do you ever thought thaDo you ever thought that if you go to toilet in aircraft what happen those feces? It is very fantastic

If you want to go to bathroom at home it’s very easy. You have facilities for that. But if you want it on the way there is some problem in it.

But we can bear it. If you want it in a train you can bear it while you become a station. But if you had this problem while aircraft what can you do?

If you have any idea where build wash room in a plane?

Is it crash, small, uncomfortable one?

However you can't think this wash rooms are unnecessary if you want to go to toilet. You should have to run there.

Imagine that you fulfill your need. Now what happened that feces? If feces fall in sky it is very unpleasant no?

Therefor clearly it should have another decision. Actually airline use vacuum system for that in 80th century.

There is not suitable water for air planes. Imagine that wash rooms are stuck from water. Then aircraft hits turbulence. Therefor they use chemical mix water for that.

When you flush the button after using toilet this all waste go to Teflon-coated tank from vacuum tube.

This tank never leak. But it should clean before next aircraft. Actually it is very unpleasant no?

But it has a truck. It removes all waste in tubes and tank.

Now don't be uncomfortable while air crafting?

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