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In these days internet has many beauty plans to you to make you beautiful. Those plans may be right but it will depend on your skin type. Facial skin is very sensitive. So we are going to see about following things. 

Hot Water

It will make a dry skin and it is not suitable for your skin. It will irritate the protect line in the skin.



Vaseline is use for make skin again while protecting moisture. But it will make pimple in your face again. 



Do not apply hairspray on to the pimple. Pimple may dry. But your skin which is exposed to hair spray will irritate. 


Hydrogen Peroxide

It is used for reduce infections in the wounds. But this is not suitable for your face. It will harm for your skin. This will be allergic for your skin. 



This will reduce your infection in the wounds. Sometimes this is used for that purpose. But it is not recommended for your facial tissues. 


Body Lotion

Body skin is ticker tan the facial skin. It will irritate your skin and do not use this to your face. 



Some people use sugar as scrub to face. There are both good and bad things. But the bad things are too much. Your skin will damage. It is very sensitive. 


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