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The mask that removes spots, scars, acne and wrinkles in face only one use.

Wrinkles and spots are the first signs of aging.Should protect from these problems for take care the young beauty.

When we are aging our skin elasticity and brightness reducing.But we can stop it and protect natural beauty in prolonged time.

There are many treatments have this problem but they have many side effects.And also can't get accepted results. The nature has everything we should want to protect our young beauty.

The homemade mask that will rejuvenate skin

This is a secret of Japanese. You will amazing after seeing results in this simple method.The best thing is all ingredients of you want for this treatment can found in home.

The main ingredient of this is rice. This cereal has an ability to produce collagen and antioxidanate.Kolajan helps to prevent wrinkles and help to strongest of skin.


You want ingredients

3 table spoons of rice

1 table spoon of milk

1 table spoon of honey

1 water cup



Boil rice in normal heat.Remove fire after 2 minutes and let allow to cool.

Don't remove rice cooked water.Add milk and honey. Mix all well.



Wash your face well and dry well.Wait approximately 15minutes before applying mask.Then wash your face in soft circular massaging by rice cocked water.

Does it 3-4 times per week.You can see result within 1 week

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