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Finally FDA admit that chicken meat contains cancer causing arsenic


Finally FDA admits that American chicken meat contains cancer causing arsenic.

Actually this dangerous toxic chemical contain in chicken foods.

FDA fine that after we consume this chicken meat that chickens of ate this arsenic contained foods that toxic enter to in our body.

Since 5 decant we had eat this arsenic.

This find is scientifically not proving but they eventually explain that chicken feces have arsenic.

This couldn't prove without any evidence but chicken food productores can't reject this factor.

The using arsenic to stabilize the chicken feed is the same which uses chemical adjuvants in vaccines used in children from Pfizer.

Apparently, the company that produces Roxarsone chicken feed is a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma LLC. FDA request that Pfizer stops manufacturing the arsenic-containing foods.

Finally Alpharma agreed to it but pfizer said that is not necessary to do it.

FDA said that using very small amount of arsenic can prevent carcinomas.

But Roxarsone said that their chicken meat suitable for eat.

Not because of that you should do these things before use chicken meat.

Check manufactured date.

The fat color is yellow or white

Has meat natural pink color

Is it made in certified company.

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