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You always wear under... But how much do you know about that? You will be consider about shape and color. There are things to know about that. 

1. The best material for the under... is cotton. In present silk’ polyester or other materials use to produce but there are also a cotton lining. 

2. Do not wear very tight under.... That will be a cause to growth of bacteria and urinary tract infections. 

3. 65% of women use wrong sizes bras. This will be make back pain and uncomfortable. 

4. Every under... should change at least in a 6 months. Because there elasticity will change and it will not support to your body. 

5. It is unclear who created the very first bra as there are several legitimate claims. But the modern bra is invented by Mrs. Mary Phelps Jacobs in New York City in 1914. She has sold the patent to the Warner Brothers Corset Company for $15,000.

6. Thong is the later creation and it was for nu.. dancers. 

7. Worldwide under... industry as estimated worth of $30 billion. China is the fastest growing country of under... industry.

8. Male under... industry is not famous than women under....

9. Ten years old boy child has broken the world record for wearing most pairs of under... in 2010. In same time jack singer has wear 215 pears under... for breaking previous record of 200. 

10. In 1800 it was not much famous to wear women under.... That is for only men. Therefore women have wear heavy cloths to not blowing up. In that time women sit on the horse also putting legs into same side as this reason.

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