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There are two types of deliver methods. One is normal vag... delivery and other is C- Section delivery. Many of women choose caesarian section in these days. Therefore these things you should know.

1. You will undergoing for surgery.

Although you are going to deliver your baby it is a surgery. Surgical interventions have lots of complications. But in natural birth your risk is going down. And you have to face this incident alone as your husband is not allowed for entering theatre. 

If you come out in theatre still you have not safe by risks. In the surgery you don’t lost your consciousness. You will feel all the movements in the stomach. 

2. You will come to the recovery area. 

After you come to the recovery area you have to look after your baby and feeding and changing diapers also. But you can’t do movements like a mom of normal vaginal delivery. Your movements will normalize after 6 hours. 

3. Hygiene is important.

The hygiene is very important to you to heal your incision. It is a wound. Use some soft soap to wash out incisional area. Wear perennial pads properly. Walking is very useful to quick heal wounds. Good nutrition will secure you and your baby. 


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