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• Men Will Always Wish They Were 25 Again

There is no point of how many you love him. He always love to be 25 again. He will miss that time.

• Men Are Terrified When Women Drive

When you are driving they are terrifies for thousands time. They are accept their sudden death when you drive. 

• Men Don’t Really Understand What Women Are Talking About

Men don’t listen to women carefully. Therefore they don’t know what women say. 


• Men Will Lie To Keep The Peace

They don’t listen to the women. Therefore they always lie to women to keep in peace. Either it is right or wrong he will answer “yes”.


• Men like to Be Mothered but They’re Terrified a Woman Will Become her Mother.

Men always love motherhood. They do love as well as his mother in law. But if women try to be her mother men will not like to that. 


• A Man’s Self-Esteem Is Delicate

Men always be alert to protect their self-esteem. They wish to know that he is the best that you ever knew. 


• Sometimes Men Want Women To Just Shut Up

When he is very busy he just wants to keep your mouth shut only. Because already he as confused too much. And he don’t need to confuse more over. 


• Men Are Unnerved By The Concept Of Commitment, Even After Making One.

They don’t notify commitment. They will forget about that.




• His Fears

Men do not express their fears with women. They always face to the problems in brave mind and hide their weaknesses. 

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