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Mosquitos are dangerous and they will make many disturbances to us such as various illness. They will fly anywhere and stay on the feces and again come to the foods also. There for we should protect from them as if we ingest those foods definitely we will be infect. 


There are so many treatments in the market to get rid of mosquitos. But they are not worth to price and they have made by chemical things which is harmful to our body. This is a natural treatment and this can eliminate mosquitos 100% and tis is very quick and cheap. Also this will not affect for your health. 


You will need:

Vegetable oil 100% natural (½ cup).

Natural vinegar (½ cup with 9% concentration).

Shampoo of your choice (½ cup).


Preparation and use

First, take a container and put all the things together. Mix this until you have a homogeneous mixture. Then put tis liquid into a spray bottle. Spray this in the places that mosquitos will stay. Before leaving an hour all the mosquitos will vanish from there. 

This can use in the home also as this is a natural treatment. You can prevent by mosquitos and live a healthy life.

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