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People love to lose their excessive weight in the body. They do various treatments to lose their weight such as doing exercises, surgery, fat burn massages, and injections.

This article is to explain to you about a wonderful method to lose your body weight.  This is very simple and cheap. 



? Sell Plastic

? Coconut oil



First of all apply some thin layer of coconut oil to your hip and abdomen. After that, protect that cover by a bandage. This is not to be too tight. 


What will do the cover?

This will stimulate the vasodilatation and metabolism. The cover should be left there for 30 minutes. This treatment should be done 10 sessions with a resting day in the middle. You can repeat the procedure after rest duration of a month.

Advantages by the cover

This cover will protect you moisture in the skin. The treatment will eliminate the risk of cellulites. 


Special note:

Before the procedure start, better to take advice by your family doctor. 

For minimize the allergies plastic cover should not set too closely to the body.

After the exercises, remove the cover immediately.

Stay some time to settle down the body temperature.

Shower water should go hot to lukewarm.

After that dry the skin and apply moisturizing cream. 

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