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Identify if you have diabetic from five finger test in a one minute.

If you have these symptoms you should Know you are suffering from prediabetic

Severe thirst

Increased urination

Chronic fatigue

Fast weight loss

Increased appetite

Vision problems

Sores that heal very slowly or don’t heal at all.


There is another way to diagnose prediabetes.You can identify it from your fingers in a one minute.


Put up on a one finger if you are a man. Don't put up fingers if you are women.

If you over 40yrs put up one finger, if over 50yrs put up 2 fingers and of you over 60 yrs put up 3 fingers and if you are younger than 40 don't put up any fingers.

If you haven't a good physical strong put up one finger.

If your family one has diabetic put up one finger.

If you have hypertension put up one finger and if your blood pressure is normal doesn’t put up fingers.

if you obeys put up 3 fingers, if you overweight put up 2 fingers, if you little overweight put up one finger and if you have normal weight don't put up any finger.


After this test count how many fingers put up and it's over than 5 you have a risk for diabetic.

Self-diagnostic tests help to prevent diseases and don't get afraid about it.

If you think you have a risk of diabetic test your blood sugar and see results. Change your life pattern according to results.

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