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Marriage is a relationship that consist of responsibilities and love. But many of men would try to ignore their marriage life and stay as a responsible free man. 

1. Avoiding Physical Touch

Physical touch is very important for marriage life. This will improve emotional relationship such as kissing hugging will help to renew your bond.

2. Mishandling Finances

If you spent for unnecessary things but you don’t spend for her. It will be huge problem and you need to avoid mishandling finances. 

3. Not Providing

You are provider of everything for your family. If you are not willing to earn money and feed your family your wife will ignore your love. 

4. Differences in Priorities

As a married person your priority thing is your family. So don’t think twice. It is not your family or your work place. Give priority for your family. 

5. Speaking a Different Language

If your wife cannot understand what you tell that will be a problem both of you. So it is very necessary to know your partner’s language. 

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