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What is in a cigarette? List out chemicals and it ingredient substances. You can see your own smoking is how much dangerous.

Nowadays there are many people habitual to smoking. These new comers not realize this smoking affect with heart diseases, strokes, lung diseases and cancers

You can inquire that why lot of people die from smoking. There are 600 of changeable substances in top to bottom of the cigarettes.  Cigarette smoke product at least of 7000 chemicals. Smokers will wonder if it asks.

The one reason for that is 100 of substances add to cigarettes that not in natural tobacco plant. Burning of these chemicals product health affected many chemicals.

Cigarette production companies get these some substances from foods some are from beverages and some are in substances that you never think to insert to your body. An example they get arsenic from food protectors and rat toxics.

According to FDA's list of harmful and potential harmful substances of cigarette arsenic is a carcinogenic, cardiovascular and reproductive toxic substance.

Some harmful substances of cigarette are very familiar. As an example carbon monoxide in vehicle fumes and nicotine in insecticides can give. Formaldehyde in wood protectors also carcinogenic substances. Cadmium in batteries and hexamine in barbeque liters also have in cigarettes.

There are 70 of identified substances in cigarette are carcinogenic substances. People can die from these substances.

In 2 ways cigarette smoking affect with our oxygen flaw.

1. Carbon monoxide affects with hemoglobin molecules and breaks the oxygen transport

2.The function of cyanide hinder tissue want oxygons.But tissue cannot function without this steady flow of oxygen.

According to new studies cancers because of smoking are 30% increase from other cancers. This includes s 87% of lung cancer deaths among men and 70%of among women.

Cigarette smoke affect with emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic airway obstruction. There are many people suffering from diseases of smoking.

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