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The boy died an hour after bathing. All parents see this.

If we don't care about that because that is normal getting lethargy and sleepy after spend a day in a swimming pool.A small child can being this situation than elders.

Before spend whole the day in swimming pool son of Cassandra Jackson told that he wants to sleep. But Jackson hasn't a suspect about it. Then 10 yrs old Johnny went to sleep and his mother also not thought about it.

But after she went to saw her son and got surprised what she saw.

The son had foam on his mouth and suffering from breathing difficulty. Then she immediately take him near to doctor and he said that is disease named secondary drowning.

This is can happen 72 hrs after swallowing water.

If we don't care about this secondary drowning it can become death.

Someone inhaling small gush of water can injured to lungs and swollen it. It can become if little amount of water into the lungs because of small amount of liquid also can barrier to supply oxygen into blood steam.

If your child has a swallowing or inhaling of water observe well and if occur symptoms of secondary drowning immediately see a doctor.

These symptoms occur within 1 - 72 hours.

Check this.

Excess fatigue after bathing

Shortness of breath after bathing

If mood swings, for no apparent reason.

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