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Mosquitoes bred to be very unpleasant and annoying deyak. Mosquitoes very harmful substance and spray applied to destroy the infectious disease and chemical ve Mosquitoes contain can be harmful in different situations using candles.

Some candles at home could be a natural vikar?akayak proposal's drive away mosquitoes on the burning poison when it ...


Required materials:


Glass jugs 4

Cedar, lavæn?ar, or lime oil

2 limes

Lime fruit 2

8 green rosemary twigs

Clean water

Bee wax floating




Lime and lime cut.

2 branches of rosemary fill each one mug water.

The appropriate type of oil drops 10 add.

Put the Lime and cut lime glasses.

Put water jugs to put the floating wax lamps.

Now wax lit lamps.

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