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An ancient remedy that remove spots like an eraser. A beautiful skin as you wishes.

Our grandmothers never went to beauty saloons but they use natural medications for beautiful skin.

What are they? How it use?

This letter tells some ancient remeadys.It remove spots as eraser.


Berry juice

Any type berry can do this. Grind berry and get berry juice Then soak it to a cotton and apply for skin. Then remove it after 15 minutes and wash it.

Baking soda

Apply some water drops and make it as paste. Then apply it in problemeble skin and wash out after 15 minutes.

Lemmon juice

If citric acid not allergy to you. Apply it and wash out after 15 minutes.


Apply twice a day garlic  juice in face.

Zink and Selenium

If these ingredients law skin has spots. Dry fruits, milk, corn, fish and sea foods, liver has these ingredients.

If someone suffering from these problems tell them these medications.

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