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When you take a close observation for your tongue you can identify whether it is healthy or not? It is usually pink. If the color will be changed you should take an action for it. 

What are advantages from tongue?

It will help you to talk. Ti taste checking tongue will be the main part. Food swallowing and drinking will help tongue. 

What are the reason for discoloration of the tongue? Sometime it will indicate some deficiency of vitamins. 

If your tongue is black there will be an inflammation of bacteria or fungi. As well as cigarettes smoking will be a cause for this. Some foods and drinks will be the reason for tis. However you can improve your oral health you can use a mouth wash antibiotic preparation. 

Yellow color tongue will indicate about bacteria accumulation. That will also make cigarettes smoking and dehydration. You can drink enough water for reduce this discoloration of the tongue. 

White color tongue will indicate some fungi infection. And the oral cancer will make a white tongue. So you have to take medical advises immediately as your tongue discoloration. 

Anemia, diabetics, and nutrition will be reasons for this. So you have to take a look about your tongue. 

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