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1. Brain development is very fast in these age. But the technology will affect your child’s brain and cells will be damaged. You should answer their questions to develop their brain and not to let them to stay with your phone, TV, Tablet or computer. 

2. Developmental problems will occur. Minimizing their movements and decreasing development will affect their literacy and academic achievement.

3. Technology is the main reason for the Obesity. Present days children are very lazy. They have no movements. They like to sit in front of the TV for hours. 

4. Sleep deprivation is nest problem. In the bed room they use computer or pone. That will late tem to go sleep early. Late sleeping and tired waking will make sick children. 

5. Mental Disorders will improve in children. Mental depression, attention issues are occur as technological devices. 

6. They paly many aggressiveness games which have se... seen also. They love to imitate those things.

7. Dementia is mental disorder. This will affect your child and you should keep away devices that help to get down your child’s health.

8. Technology addiction will be a huge problem. Family and friends ignoring can be seen when they addicted to it. 


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