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If people every things are complete in their lives they are very happy.

We are following many things to reduce stress in our lives.

Remember that. You are the only one person can control happy about your life.

This article says 8 bad habits in people’s reason for their unhappiness. If you identified that habit you can change it to positive.


01. Angry.

If a person has anger about other people, it's like heavy lifting. If you want happy You should forget your anger.

Then you feel Happy again.


02. Clamorous.

You can increase your happy, loving yourself & understanding your value. Clamorous life is not good for yourself & others.

Respect ideas of others. You can live happily.


03. Habitual ties

Unhappy people always try to solve their problems by liquor. & alcohol. 

This alcoholism, how you feel, but it's a main thing to reduce your happiness.

In these situations ask music, draw pictures, & write something it helps to improve your talents & live in happiness.


04. Complaining

That is not a good habit complaining others. This is one thing that reduces our happiness.

Complaining is an unbearable & dangerous problem you should reduce it & then you can be happy.


05. Contrite about the past

Reminding past faults & contributing about it can reduce our happiness. Past is past. 

so don't contrite about it & get decisions in future.


06. Gossips

People try to spread gossips about others when they are not in good satisfaction about their lives.

They are not necessary gossips to be a happy user time to useful working.


07. Worry about the future

Saving money, Achieving goals, planning future life, people haven't good awakening about their lives.

Encourage do works. Be patience you can be happy.

08. Small problems get bigger

Hardly think about problems help to trouble many people find answer this situation using wrong methods. 

Get one step back & control the problem you can be happy.

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