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9 ways to know if a person truly love you or not.Read this.

There is no guaranty if a person love you or not.But some factors are here to know about it.

If you want to know if someone truly love you or not you should be attention about what  are they doing, what are they say and how they act in front of you.

Many times people are suspect if a person truly loves you or not.It found is very difficult.


But these 9 factors can identify that.


1. They are not selfish

If they truly love you they never think only their happy.They always think your happy and unhappy.

2.Prevent from shame

Truly love person protect you from shame and wrong decisions.

3.They never suspect you if you not answer their calls.

They never suspect you and they belief you had a fair able reason for doing that.They respect your time.

4.Take care you when you ill.

True lover take care of you when you got ill..They ask if you got medications and foods.Several times calls you.

5.They ask your ideas and respect it.

They respect your agree or dis agree.

6.They try to make you happy.

Your partner know what are your choices. They are trying to give special from small thing.They shower you from love.

7.They listen to you

They listen problems of your job,family and friends.They give comfort in their shoulders. They give advice to you do your best and be friendly with others.

8.They don't afraid to tell love you

True lovers never got afraid to tell love you.

9.They never act like a changeable person in front of your friends and relations.


They never show bunk love in front of your friends and relations.


These small factors can identify if person how much love you. Don’t let go complete person with these factors.

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