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You will feel that you want to pass urine more time in cold days. This condition is usually called “cold diuresis”. The body will try to protect the heat by constrict vessels in cold days. As well as reduce the blood supply to the skin. This process is called “vasoconstriction”. In this process the supply of blood to the peripherals such as hands and legs are reduced. This constricted vessels will increase the blood pressure. To regulate the blood pressure kidney will try to filter things in the blood. Therefore bladder will fulfill with fluid very quickly. Full bladder will decrease the body temperature. Therefore frequency urination will help to control the body temperature. In the summer this process will happened to the opposite way. This is vasodilatation. In these days body try to protect the cold. Then blood vessels will dilate and blood supply will increase. Skin blood supply will increase. Then water will evaporate. Then the skin will be cold. The body will regulate things such as Temperature, pH level, and nutrition by own. If you feel heat the body try to be cold. If you feel cold the body try to be heat. This process will change as their age, se.., body condition, diet pattern and exercise. Therefore to prevent by cold diuresis exercise will be help to you.

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