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Even babies are noisy we all love them as much as world. They will bring a hope to live to the world when we lost everything. 

But many parents will not to lucky to have healthful babies. They may have sick or disable children. Premature babies are born in law birth weight and less than correct pregnancy weeks. They will fight for survive. But that will be a cause to be upset whole family. But there is a silver line in the dark clouds also. You will see babies smile. It is very innocent, beautiful and romantic. 

Little Freya Vinje was born in 2014 by 28 weeks of pregnancy. As her mother has some complications of blood pressure she as born early. Her birth weight is 1.7 Kg.

They ask from mother to take a photo of Little Freya to send to her father. When capturing the photo of the baby, she has smiled innocently. 

When this photo publishes in Face Book that photo had 35000 shares and 300000 likes. Freya will ready to celebrate her sec birth day. 

Truly, this picture will touch your heart and make a hope to live more over. 

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