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Do you know what is the scare hoe is its formation simply telling scar is a pain that damaged early creating scar is 

a part of regenerating tissues.

scars are creating from the surgeries chicken pox and injuries.

How will from a scar?

After damaging skin, they are fair to re-generate same cells. then it fills by connective tissues. There is a large 

amount of collagen release for body to this process.

After 3 months new collagen fibers add over the it blood flow is good. After that damage cell & break down the blood flow.

 Then scar become smooth.

Unfortunately, there are no any people without scam But luckily there are some pre media have to prevent it. 

It can make easily.





Truly it is very easy. add honey tablespoon & cinnamon powder tablespoon nix it well Apply in scar & wait 30 minutes.

 If you are getting good result to it daily.


If you apply it to face put it only 10 minutes & cleaned with warm water.

As these things for fast re - generations.


It's is fruit that content Vit C.It can remove the scar wash face before treatment and apply lemon. 

Put it in 10 minutes & do it removing extra well. Don't go market with uniform.

Baking soda

It removes dead cells. add some small amount to take warm water and made it like a beast. 

Apply it & remove when dry it & then wash with warm water. Do it once a week.

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