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Press these 2 points. Instantly relieve your back pain.

Unfortunately millions of people all over the world are suffering from back pain. This is very painful and unbearable but many people haven't idea how can prevent it.


There are many treatments have been selling on market but any one can't relieve the pain.

Chines acupuncture system can give some relieve.


The reason for this pain is affection of vessels and their functions in our body.If blood circulation  not work correctly there are many organs get damage but this pain can relieve pressuring some special points.

It can do by acupuncturing and pressuring. Acupuncturing want special training and special needles but this pressure method not needs a practice.


Massage regularly these points and will relieve the pain completely in joints,hip and back.These are the 3 points you should know to relieve pain.

-1st Stimulation point. Pressure the joint in pelvic and femur. Relieve the hip pain

-Pressure lower end of pelvic and behind the back relieve lower back, hip and shoulder pain

-Pressure just behind the knee, then relax the muscles and relieve back pain.

Pressure these 3 points regularly. You will relieve back and joint pain.

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