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Women do this mistakes usually. These mistakes will break your relationships. You have to stop doing these things and you will have better relationship. 

1. Do not get angry if he looks at girls. It is the way of men. They love to watch what they can see. You had better talk with friendly manner and explain what your desire is. You should not quarrel with him. 

2. Don’t disturb him to his personal space. They don’t like to share problems with others as women do. So you should leave him along and you should not quest him until he talks. 

3. Not taking care of yourself. Many girls if they have boyfriend they think we do not to be beautiful. It is wrong. You should be beautiful when you have a beautiful. 

4. Not having your own life. Don’t forget your friends and keep remember that you have an own life too. 

5. Being passive aggressive. If you get angry and aggressive his attention will go down about you. 

6. Not appreciating him. If you see his mistakes only and you always blame him he will break up with you. You should appreciate him what he has done and what he does. 

7. Trying to change him. Do not try to change him. You start a relationship with these qualities. If you change him he will not your old boyfriend. Boys don’t like to get any instructions from others. So do not try to change him. Let him to be changed. 

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