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If you protect how much good your mobile phone finally you can see scratches marks in your phone.

This is the happily thing that, these scratches can remove easily at home. Remember well.These methods can use for only the simple scratches. If deep scratches present you should change your screen.

Tooth paste.

Apply tooth paste in cotton swab and generally rub it on the screen.Then wipe it from a general material.

Baking soda and water

Make a paste using baking soda and warm water.rub the screen smoothly and after it dried wipe with thin clothe.

Vegetable oil

Put few drops to screen and rub it.Don't apply many drops because then you can't do it easily.


This is a same substantial for vegetable oil.You can get above result

Pencil eraser

This method couldn’t use by small pencil erasers it only can do by large erasers. As many say it can do without any cost.

Baby powder and water

Apply water to powder and mix it.That's your solution. Apply it on scratches and see the miracle.

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