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Please read this carefully before you will go to the salon again.(It prevent you from strokes)

If you g to salon for cu or wash your hair for you comfortable you will have to consider about one factor.Can you remember how your hairdresser positioning your head before cut or wash your hair?Is it an how uncomfortable position but you never think about it.Unfortunatly this factors can getting stroke for you.

The reason for that case is damaging blood vessels in your neck.A women face this situation said that her left hand and leg suddenly weak and couldn't do anything after one week of went to salon. Then she admitted to the hospital complain of nausea, and projectile vomitting.The doctor said that she is suffering from stroke.


What is Stroke?

This is situation that happen lack of oxygen to the brain.If their some damage or block in a blood vessel it become a reason to abnormal blood flaw or blood clotting.After that case blood circulation failure and then blood vessels are trying to flaw to thae brain another way. Therefor brain cells can damage.Many physical abnormalities happen then.


If damage had been happen to left side of the brain result will be speech difficulty or problems in right side of the body. If damage had been happen to right side of the brain result will be vision loss or problems in left side body parts.Strokes are increasing with age but don't forget 80% strokes can be prevent.


Symptoms of strokes

Speech disorders

Loss of vision, Double vision or blurred vision

Weakness of one side in the body

Drooping face


How can prevent from stroke?

The most important factors is protecting of your neck.Be consider that if your neck is in comfortable position before wash or cut your hair.If you can put towel under the neck it's protective method.


In home

Maintain your blood pressure well.It can prevent many strokes.

First of all you will have to practice a balanced diet.If you in taking trans-fat, more cholesterol and more sodium you will have to face stroke in nearly future.

Use alternatives for salt.Be consider about in taking sugar .


Most important

Be active. Lack of exercise can help to high blood pressure, diabetic, cholesterol, heart diseases and strokes.

If you got signal about pre stroke immediately meet doctor.Then you can prevent from it and also inform the family members also.

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