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The time become for first kis.. all men got stressed and tensed. They practice it several times and over thinking before a day.

Every men has unsuccessful 2 or 3 opportunities in past. This factor makes them stressed.

But kissing is a thing that both of expressing love and accepting loves. If you feel in deep love there is nothing correct time or wrong time and correct method or wrong method to kis...

1st fact

When you kis... your girlfriend? When she ready for it and both you feel this is the time for it you can expect it. But she don't allowed  to close you then you can't ki... her.

2nd fact

It more depends on the mood and situation. Some situations you can kis.. her without any effort and some situations not help to you for that. In these times never do it.

3rd fact

Hug her before kis....You can't kis... her when she comfortable near you.Therefor be patient till she comfortably hugging you.

4th fact

Identify her level.Get knowledge about her body language.Identify when she close you and move you.You should kis... her only that time she comfortable with you.When she close the face while in conversation you can success your effort.

5th fact

When her touch you? Is it normal or deep touch? You should know about it.

6th fact

Some women’s show their desire by looking your eye then your lips and again your eyes.If it happen now you have to ready for kis... her.

7th fact

If you want to kis.. her don't do it directly. 1st touch her chin and then touch cheek and lips. Then you can identify if she reject or enjoy from it.

8th fact

When kis...? well if you got chance to passionately touch her now you can kis... her.

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