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Every one agrees the batteries of smart phones are trouble. It is not easy to hold the charge in entire day. This is partially fault of ours too..


Most of the people connect the charger to phone whole night. We think this is the best time for charge the phone. The morning battery shows the full charged and their for we never trouble about it But it’s the first fault.

How to charge your smart phone correctly?


Doesn’t charger keep plugged on when phone showing fully charged


According to the battery university, the battery decreasing its life from charger keep plugged on when phone showing fully charged. If we connect the charger after charging 100% it gets trickle chargers to held 100% charging. Battery get high tension from it. Furthermore Battery University describe about this situation

Disconnect the charger when battery full charged. It’s action like a worm up muscles after very tired exercise. You can also understand this situation if you work long time without any interval.

It’s very advisable if phone not charge 100%

 It’s not necessary to charge your smart phone 100%. It held 10% - 80% is very advisable.

Charge your smart phone any time if you can plug in it.

If you can charge the phone occasionally and not connect to the long hours for one time extremely your battery will happy about it. The most suitable action is charger plug in after battery got 10% but many people can’t do it. Therefor plug in the charger if you can any time.

Be careful about overheating 

If your phone gets over heat instantly switch off your smart phone. If you going to outside make shower your phone not heat by sunrise. It can protect life time in your battery.

Our smartphones provide many services for us but we shouldn’t be slaves of smart phones. By all means we should give good protection for them because of there are smartphones but we are human this item created

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