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Many people suffer truly for their skin conditions. Acne, pimple and wrinkling are most common issues for healthy skin. 


• Cure Atopic Dermatitis is a one of skin disease. Guava leaves will help you to avoid redness of the skin. 

• Acne will be eliminated by guava leaves. Because they have antibacterial effects.

• Avoid wrinkling. There is quality in guava leaves than guava fruit. So you can use guava leaves. 

• It will lighten the dull spots of the skin. 


How to treat?

Atopic dermatitis 

In tis you should crush guava leaves and put into bath tub. Itching and redness will disappear.

Everything else.

Chop e leaves of guava. Put into boiling water. Leave if until water color will take brown.  Leave if for cool. After that apply this by a cotton ball in affected area. 

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