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All of us really concern about our skin. Over exposing of the sun light will be a reason for flawless skin, stains or blemishes. Though there are so many treatments in the market they are very expensive. There are natural treatments also. 


• 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide

• 3 drops of natural glycerin

• 2 tablespoons of powdered milk

• The juice of one lemon (preferably small


Put all the ingredients to a bowl and mix it in a wooden spoon when you get a creamy smooth mixture. Leave it 5 minutes before use. 


Wash your face with mild soap and dry it well. In the night, apply this mixture on your face and leave it whole night. In the morning, wash it properly and dry your face. Do this treatment for a 7 days and fell the change of your face.

Prevent skin blemishes

1. Don’t go out to sunlight between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. The sun is more powerful at that time.

2. Try to avoid cosmetics or perfumes while you’re out at direct sunlight.

3. If it is summer and you’re on the beach, use sunscreen at all times!

4. If you use a blocker, remember to use it 20 minutes before exposing to the sun. 

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