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Some food reduce your libidoo.If you and your partner need to improve your libidoo you should avoid below foods and drinks.

1. Alcohol

Many people believe that if you get alcohol then improve libidoo.But alcohol causes reduce testesteron level of men and increase depression.

2. Coffee

Taking 5 to 6 cups of coffee every day will cause damage to your adrenal glands. The function of the adrenal glands will be reduce the  production stress hormones. 

3. Mint

Many people who are ready to have se.. with their partner would pop up peppermint chewing gums or even eat mint leaves to keep their mouth fresh.But through this reduce your testesteron level and make you a poor performer.

4. Sodas And Colas

These foods that cause se... dysfunction.And it also causes for dehydration, obesity and dental cavities.

5. Cornflakes

This food affect your testesteron level.

6. Artificial Sweetener

This contain Aspartame.It will reduce the release of serotonin in your body.Serotonin is the main chemical that increases your libidoo.

7. Canned Food

There are large amounts of sodium in the canned foods that will reduce the flow of blood all over your body. Consuming too much of canned food will also lower your potassium levels as well as reduce blood flow to your genitals.

8. Soy Products

These fodds will cause hormonal imbalance in men and women.

9. Licorice

licorice will reduce the cortisol levels and testesteron level.Through this will reduce your libidoo.

10. Processed Cheese

If you want to get a good se.... life , then it is ideal for you to avoid all kinds of processed foods especially cheese. 

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