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We really love to be a single person with your wiliness. But if you are feel so along or you want to share your things with someone it is time to find a girl friend to you. This is how to do that without ant effort. 

Be ambitious. Women like to men who actually with strong ambitions. So be a intelligent person.

Take women on real dates. If you date with her only in night time for only LOVE and likewise things it is not good for your connection. So take a walk with her at day time. Feel her that she is very important to you. 


Do not acts like the overgrown. Women do not like to that. Be a good listener. Women love to speak and let them speak. You should listen for her story. But you don’t to realize what she says. But you should waste your time for her. Don't be desperate. Try to build your life with a girl who loves to be your life partner.


Get good at LOVE. LOVE is very important to a relationship. Think about her pleasure also. Please stop thinking about yourself. 


Be confident.

Look for love in the right places. It is responsible of you to find out what is the right place to love. It is not correct that meet in a bar.Be ready to commit. It is important. Say what is your actual need. 


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