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Smoking is the most common cause for cancers. There is no method of safe smoking. Always they have toxins, tar and a carcinogen antigen. Cigar has carcinogen than the cigarettes. However smoking is high risk for cancers. Smoking kills people than the people died in First World War in United States.

If you are a smoker there is a remedy than can be made in home. That will protect and clean tour lungs. Coronary artery diseases kill people annually 565000. In that number 30% are affected by smoking. 

Followings body systems are affected by smoking.

Central Nervous System

Respiratory System

Cardiovascular System

Skin, Hair, and Nails (Integumentary System)

Digestive System

Sexuality and Reproductive System



2 tablespoons of turmeric powder

400 gr. of garlic

1 smaller piece of ginger root

400 gr. of brown sugar

1 l. of water



Put brown sugar into a bowl and heat it. Add onion, chopped ginger and turmeric root into it. Boil the mixture and let the mixture lower the heat. Keep mixture in container several minutes. Cool the mixture and store in glass bottle.


Take 2 table spoons from this twice a day before the breakfast and after the lunch. Do exercise regularly. 

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